The ISNAF Handbook is approximately 135 pages and is a compilation of information from articles and books of several professionals in the field of parental alienation.  The development of this Handbook is with the intention of educating families, professionals such as educators, clergy, attorneys, social workers, judges and the mental health community about the dynamics of alienating a child from a parent and or family members.  Also included in this Handbook is information outlining the current state of affairs in the courts.  The information in the Handbook will briefly outline the alienated child, the alienator, the alienated parent and or family members.

Sections within this Handbook include: Identifying Parental Alienation, The Children, Parenting, Understanding How Alienation Occurs, Tools for Reunification, The Targeted Parent/Family Member, Legal Challenges, False Allegations, Personality Disorders Related to Parental Alienation and a Glossary of Terms created in collaboration with professionals. 

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